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  1. took pictures of the UMMO ship who had landed and left tripod landing marks. This happened when the Ummo-group left Earth at this time, when they were afraid of an possible upcoming atomic war. A case with a high level on technical information given from UMMO - a civilization in the first steps of interplanetary crossing through space.
  2. Note and summary of D , "Denounciation of an act of fraud concerning the Holy Shroud, " opened in November There are in fact two letters, one in Spanish 4 pages long, very well documented, the other covering the same subject, but different in its form (summarized on one page), in English.
  3. Ummo According to Antonio Ribera, in his book ' UFO: contact from planet Ummo,' the Ummites are the inhabitants of the planet Ummo. It revolves around a binary star called Wolf , fourteen light years away from us, in the Virgo constellation (and not in the Draco constellation as some mention).
  4. UMMO. 6, likes · 20 talking about this. Ummo è la speranza che cresce dentro di noi, un estremo bisogno di sentirsi liberi quando ti dicono di non .
  5. Umapp brings self-awareness to communication and puts students on the path to powerful communication. I plan to use the app with my students in the classroom for langauge help.
  6. Ummo is an app that helps you prepare by analyzing everything you say. iPhone: Public speaking is always a bit terrifying, but one of the best ways to get over that is .
  7. Feb 06,  · Ummo is a tribute to tobacco, one of the most representative and symbolic plants of the American continent. The smoke given off by the dried leaves of tobacco is considered sacred and has been used for spiritual rituals, healing, and purification ceremonies since long before European commodification made the plant synonymous with indulgence and bad habits.4/5(1).
  8. Oct 01,  · An IBOZOO UU is a elementary cosmic entity integrated by a beam of oriented axes WHICH CANNOT CROSS EACH OTHER, bound to a whole of IBOZOO UU independent one from the other in relation to their angularity. You can see that we are gradually adjusting each time more accurately the authentic concept of IBOZOO UU defined .

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