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  1. Poem Word Mechanics. Several times throughout the game, you will be able to write poems. The "poems" are really just 20 words you choose from some in front of you. Each word will give a number of points to a specific girl, and at the end of the 20 words whichever girl has the most points will end up being the "favored" one for the next day Missing: Lara.
  2. Yuri is a talented writer and spends his free time writing beautiful poems. Though all of his writing recently is about a beautiful woman who is not his wife. Relationship Status complicated. He loves his wife, but he can’t help but have feelings for a nurse he is working with named Lara who is also married. Lara’s husband, Pasha, is a.
  3. Yuri has two fonts. She normally writes in the "JP Hand Slanted" font. However, her last poem in Act 2 is written in the "Damagrafik Script" font. The game also contains a third, unused font intended for Yuri's poems, "As I Lay Dying". It was likely intended for the "Wheels" poem.
  4. First pressings and reissue have alternate music on the track "Yuri Writes a Poem for Lara". Later reissues, with the catalog number S16E-STX, have the original music restored to this track. Made in U.
  5. "Lara's Theme" is the name given to a leitmotif written for the film Doctor Zhivago () by composer Maurice Jarre. Soon afterward, the leitmotif became the basis of the song "Somewhere, My Love". In , "Somewhere, My Love" won Grammy Award for Best Performance by a Chorus, and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Song of the tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo lost to "Michelle" by John Lennon and Paul .
  6. I got bored at work and felt like writing something, then I got the idea to write a "MC" poem that uses words Yuri likes and then turn it into an actual poem. Amethyst. Whirlwind, Climax, Crimson, Sensation, Fester, Destiny, Cage, Time, Essence, Uncanny, Journey, judgement, flee, frightening, meager, captive, uncontrollable, existence, dream.
  7. Nov 22,  · GOOD ENDING: ACT 1 - Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, Monika. Save at the first poem-writing segment. Write a poem for Natsuki. Write the second poem for Natsuki (again). Write your third poem for Natsuki (again again). Invite Natsuki to your house. See Natsuki’s CG, and then load the first poem-writing save. Write a poem for Sayori. She’s energetic Missing: Lara.
  8. 05 Komarovsky and Lara's tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo3 9, KB; 06 tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo3 9, KB; 07 Lara's Theme from Doctor tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo3 7, KB; 08 The tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo3 7, KB; 09 Sventytski's tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo3 5, KB; 10 Yuri tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo3 5, KB; 11 Tonya Arrives at tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo3 9, KB; 12 Yuri Writes a Poem for tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo3 6, KB; tomrafonaperskowsstanatplotenclinsun.coinfo 20 KB.
  9. Yuri's words to Lara upon the realization that they don't have much longer to be together shows how their lives have come full circle thanks to the guiding hand of fate.

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