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  1. line between observation and theory. “So it seems the universe might have had a ‘race’ to make supermassive black holes within the first few billion years. It turns out this is quite hard. They would have to grow at the Eddington limit for the entire early history of the universe.” uch a .
  2. Aug 08,  · New research suggests that contrary to the Big Bang theory, our universe was actually formed in the event horizon of a black hole left from a collapsed four-dimensional star.
  3. Jan 04,  · Decoding a black hole is in a sense measuring and constantly reevaluating the spread of information around and in and out of it. The universe structures and destructures itself through the dispersal of matter and energy, the formation of galaxies and the pull of black holes. The cosmological natural selection has currently its share of impredictabilities and uncertainties.
  4. Nov 28,  · We find that the motion of the B star and an accompanying Hα emission line require the presence of a dark companion with a mass of 68+11−13 solar masses, which can only be a black hole.
  5. Nov 29,  · Spin measurements for massive black-hole candidates (with M = 10 5 –10 9 M ⊙) are instead more complicated, but iron-Kα line profiles seem to typically point at rather large spins (see e.g.), while comparisons between the mass function of massive black holes and the luminosity function of quasars seems to suggest smaller but non-zero spins.
  6. A new model reveals that black holes could take in a steady stream of antimatter particles that gradually chip away until the black hole dissipates.
  7. Pero en vez de ser recibido como un héroe, el Uzumaki es apresado por enmascarados y llevado lejos. Diez años después, en lo profundo de un agujero inmundo, aguardará un demonio, cuya oportunidad de saciar su sed de sangre se presentará de repente.
  8. Aug 12,  · The Big Bang theory is the most popular scientific explanation about the origin of our universe, but it still falls short according to the known laws of physics. Now, scientists have come up with an alternate theory that they think does a better job of explaining how our universe came to be. The Big Bang theory is the most popular scientific explanation about the origin of our universe, but it.

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