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  1. noun 1. refrain, response, strain, burden Everyone joined in the chorus. 2. choir, singers, ensemble, vocalists, choristers The chorus was singing 'The Ode to Joy'. in chorus in unison, as one, all together, in concert, in harmony, in accord, with one voice `Let us in,' they all wailed in chorus.
  2. Chorus, in drama and music, those who perform vocally in a group as opposed to those who perform singly. The chorus in Classical Greek drama was a group of actors who described and commented upon the main action of a play with song, dance, and recitation.
  3. Chorus Introduction of the Chorus speed groupset is a further example of high-performance transmission specifically for an already large group of users wanting a top level yet versatile product. Those who appreciate Campagnolo top-of-the range functionality have always loved the Chorus model for its excellent price-performance ratio.
  4. Aug 03,  · A chorus is a group of singers or dancers who perform together in a show, in contrast to the soloists. Students played the lesser parts and sang in the chorus. 5. countable noun [usually singular] When there is a chorus .
  5. We are Chorus. Main navigation. Who we are; What we do; Our network; Who we are. We take pride in building and managing one of the world's best open access internet networks. Learn more. What we do. We build and manage an open access internet network, rolling out ultra-fast broadband that will benefit generations to come.
  6. Unlock devastating weapons and mind-bending abilities in a true evolution of the space-combat shooter. Take control of Nara, once the Circle’s deadliest warrior, now their most wanted fugitive, on a quest to destroy the dark cult that created her. Along with Forsaken, her sentient starfighter, explore ancient temples, engage in exhilarating zero-g combat, and venture beyond our .
  7. Chorus automatically captures and summarizes sales call notes, surfaces how top performers have winning sales calls, and why you win or lose deals based on the topics discussed. Prior to founding Chorus, Roy was a Manager at Bain & Company. At Bain, he focused on technology, leading the mobile strategy team for Bain’s flagship tech client.
  8. Disclaimer: Thanks for using this page to check your broadband speed. We're using Ookla's industry-leading speed test tool to bring you your results. Chorus provides this test to help you measure your connection speed however speeds are indicative only as there are many factors that can impact connection speeds including home set up, your internet plan and network .

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